Sponsorship Trends for 2017

We were asked by Sponsorship Space to contribute to their article examining what sponsorship trends we will see in 2017.


In the past, too many sponsorships have been based on ‘Chairman’s Whim’ or the ‘Highest Paid Person’s Opinion’ (HiPPO), with whoever leads sponsorship for the brand having to retrofit that to their marketing strategy.


In my view, for the majority (but not all), sponsorship is way behind marketing in terms of strategic approach and so in 2017 I hope we see the following sponsorship trends:

  • more education in sponsorship
  • sponsorship being managed by marketing professionals and as part of the marketing strategy
  • brands selecting, planning, activating and measuring with the same scrutiny as they would with any other element of the promotional mix
  • rights owners offering genuine partnerships with brands, not just the same package as before now labelled as a ‘partnership’
  • rights owners taking a fresh view on what assets they can offer and build together with their partners
  • better use of customer insight data
  • better experiences for the end audience and not just through technology
  • and measurement that goes beyond media equivalent value and social media likes.


I’m leading the European Sponsorship Association’s working group to write a best practice guide to sponsorship measurement – so watch this space! Whilst none of these are revolutionary, I see 2017 being the year that sponsorship catches up to show what a powerful platform it can be.


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Sponsorship Trends 2017