Take a strategic approach to sponsorship to increase the value to your business.


Sponsorship is vital to most rights holders. Finding the right partner and taking a strategic view will ensure longer relationships that provide enormous benefit to both parties.


We advise on sponsorship strategy starting with a thorough audit of your current setup, analysing the external environment and planning how to target the right brands with the right proposition and service. As part of this process, we advise on asset generation and management, sponsor relationship management, activation planning and how to gain vital customer insights.


We enable you to establish a partnership-based approach rather than a traditional transactional viewpoint for longer and more beneficial relationships.

We take a holistic view across the whole organisation to assess where additional value can be created, how sponsors can help you achieve your objectives and how you can help them to achieve theirs.

Finding the right opportunity and the right partner for your brand is critical. You are aligning your brand with someone else’s, so it’s important to thoroughly analyse whether it is the right fit for your company.


Once we have understood your marketing objectives and found the right sponsorship to meet them, we ensure that you have the appropriate assets and get the most value from activating them.


Importantly, we help you to plan how the sponsorship should be communicated and integrated with the rest of your marketing activities.

We apply strategic marketing theory to the sponsorship process itself to maximising its potential, which is analysed by measurement and improvement frameworks.

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